I. Warranty Conditions 

A. Warranty Period  ABS-CBN warrants that the ABS-CBN TVplus Set-Top-Box (the "Product ") is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out herein. The warranty set forth herein extends for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase of the Product (the "Warranty Period") and may be availed only by the original purchaser of the Product (the “Purchaser”). During the Warranty Period, ABS-CBN will, and in its sole discretion, repair or replace any defective parts of the Product, or the Product itself, provided that such defect is inherent to the Product and not due to the fault or negligence of the Purchaser. The costs for the repair or replacement of the defective part or Product shall be for the account of ABS-CBN, except for handling transportation, delivery and other incidental charges which shall be borne solely by Purchaser. Any applicable express and/or implied warranty related to the Product and its accessories shall be limited to the Warranty Period. Except as provided herein, ABS-CBN acknowledges no other warranties in relation to the Product. Neither shall Warranty Period be extended under any circumstance unless with the prior written consent of ABS-CBN. In no event shall ABS-CBN be liable for any damages, whether based in contract or tort, in connection with the purchase and use of the Product. 

B. Limitation of Warranty  The warranty does not cover defects or damages that result from (a) improper storage, misuse or abuse, accident or neglect resulting to physical damage to the Product; (b) contact with water, humidity, heat, sand resulting to damage to the Product; (c) use of the Product with or connected to an accessory not provided or authorized by ABS-CBN; or (d) other defects which may be attributed to the fault or negligence of the Purchaser or user or any party acting on behalf of Purchaser. Any unauthorized modification, alteration, repair, maintenance, or installation other than by the authorized dealer or outlet shall void the warranty. 

Accessories, such as the antenna, cords, power plug and remote control are covered by a separate thirty (30) day warranty for replacement (the "Accessory Warranty Period"). Any replacement after the Accessory Warranty Period shall be for the exclusive account of the Purchaser. Except as regards the Accessories Warranty Period, all other terms and conditions herein shall apply to any request by Purchaser for replacement of accessories. 

C. Claims Under Warranty  To avail the warranty service, please contact the customer support center, the number of which can be found in the original packaging/brochure, or from the authorized dealer from where the Product was purchased. The warranty shall apply if (a) the Product, in its original packaging/box with manual and all accessories, is in good condition; (b) the original Warranty Card; and (c) original receipt of purchase, are all presented to the customer support center or concerned dealer. ABS-CBN reserves the right to reject any claim for services in the absence of any or all of the foregoing requirements. 


II. Channel Programming

Purchaser acknowledges thaty ABS-CBN retains all rights and ownership over the programs broadcast through the Product. ABS-CBN reserves the right to change the number of channels by adding or removing any channel or re-arrange the channel programming being carried by the Product.


III. Information Privacy

This Warranty Card contains personally identifiable information about the Purchaser such as the email address, name, home or work address, and telephone number and other anonymous demographic information such as age, gender, preferences, interests and favorites. The information collected from the Purchaser is protected from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure and shall be used by ABS-CBN for the purpose of providing the services in relation to the Product as well as dissemination of Product-related information or services, or other information or services from ABS-CBN or its affiliates and subsidiaries. The information collected from the Purchaser is covered and subject to the Information Privacy Policy of ABS-CBN which can be read at http://www.abs-cbn.com/privacy.aspx, or copies secured from the customer support center or through email request at [email protected]

By signing on the space provided below, Purchaser agrees and allows ABS-CBN, its subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners (collectively, “ABS-CBN”) to use the information provided by Purchaser herein, or any other personal information which Purchaser may hereinafter provide (collectively, the “Information”) for any activities in relation to the Product as well as a) marketing promotion and advertising of ABS-CBN products, services, and activities; b) customization of its advertising and marketing activities; c) fulfillment of any request of Purchaser for products and services; d) to conduct research, and perform statistical analyses of user behavior in order to measure relative consumer interest on various products and services; e) to inform advertisers or sponsors on consumer response to an advertisement or promotion; f) to promote and manage its customer loyalty program; and/or g) to contact or communicate with Purchaser or communicate for any of the foregoing purposes.

Should a referral be made by the Purchaser (the “Referral”, Purchaser confirms and acknowledges that the consent of Referral was secured by Purchaser prior to any disclosure or sharing of Referral’s contact information with ABS-CBN.


Purchaser confirms and acknowledges that Purchaser has read and agreed to the terms and conditions above.